Teacher Grants

Teachers are invited to apply for Academic Foundation grants each school year, requesting money for projects and equipment purchases the Unit #2 School District is unable to fund through their budget. A committee reviews all applications and selects a number of projects to fund in the fall.

Happy Funded Apple and Sad UNfunded Apple

20.32% of Teacher Grant Requests Remain Unfunded!

28 teacher grants have been awarded by the Bond County Unit 2 Academic Foundation in 2018, totaling over $19,000. But 35 total grant requests were submitted this year, leaving 7 classroom projects UNFUNDED!

About Teacher Grants

The B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation seeks to enhance ALL students’ educational experience within the B.C.C.U. #2 School District through annual funding of Teacher Grants. This means every student and center --- Greenville, Pocahontas, and Sorento; KRP through 12th grade --- benefits from these grants.

Teacher Grants help teachers to obtain the classroom tools they need to further their students’ learning. As District funds become tighter, these grants become more of a necessity to continue with a high quality educational program.

All teacher requests for funds are approved by their principal prior to the Foundation’s Teacher Grant Committee’s review and selection of Grant recipients.

Grant requests range from baby dolls for KRP to dissecting pans for high school science classes; iPads for 2nd grade classrooms to an air compressor for ag/industrial art students. The requests can vary greatly, but each request has this single purpose: enhancing ALL students’ educational experience within the B.C.C.U. #2 School District!

The Foundation has awarded over $350,000 in Teacher Grants since its beginning in 1990. Although the Foundation attempts to award as many grants as possible each year, often it is not financially possible, leaving classroom needs unfulfilled. To help bridge this gap, we encourage Academic Foundation members to consider donating to a specific grant request. A listing of grant requests is sent annually to all Foundation members. This is a great way to know the direct impact you are having within our schools!

Grants Awarded

Academic Foundation Teacher Grants 2017

The Bond County Unit 2 Academic Foundation awarded 26 teacher grants, totaling over $12,000, on Friday, November 10, 2017, during a district staff assembly. Giving the grant program an additional boost was the ability of the Unit 2 School District to fund 14 projects, totaling nearly $10,000, for a combined 40 classroom projects, exceeding $22,000. The Academic Foundation may fund additional grants later in the current school year. Individual grants awarded ranged from $52 to over $1,100 and will be used to fund classroom projects ranging from world history activity sets, books, and art supplies to fitness sets, CSI kits, and infant care baby simulators. 2017 photo courtesy WGEL 101.7FM Daily News.

Academic Foundation Teacher Grants 2016

In 2016, the Bond County Unit 2 Academic Foundation awarded 51 teacher grants, totaling nearly $20,000. Individual grant amounts ranged from $26 to $1,660 and will be used to fund classroom projects from books, games, and tape measures to solar eclipse glasses, computer equipment, and buzzers for the Greenville Junior High Scholar Bowl team. Grants were awarded to teachers in all Unit 2 schools in Greenville, Pocahontas, and Sorento. 2016 photo courtesy WGEL 101.7FM Daily News.

Academic Foundation Teacher Grants 2015

In 2015, the Academic Foundation awarded 24 grants to Unit #2 teachers, totaling over $12,000. Amounts ranged from $119 to $1,144. The funds will be used by teachers in Greenville, Pocahontas, and Sorento to purchase items such as books, iPads, audio equipment, flash cards, projectors, printers, and rocket kits. 2015 photo courtesy The Greenville Advocate.

Academic Foundation Teacher Grants 2014

In 2014, the Academic Foundation awarded nearly $8,000 in grants to teachers in the district. Grants ranged from $94 to $1,000 and funded classroom projects including new books, literacy kits for parents, materials for science fairs, puzzles and blocks, an electric keyboard, an air compressor, and an Egyptian mummy excavation kit, among several others. 2014 photo courtesy WGEL 101.7FM Daily News.

Supporting Educational Opportunities is Tax Deductible!

B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the IRS. Contributions are tax deductible.